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About Us

MMC was established in Bethlehem in 1945 by the late Shukri and Andrawes Maayeh. The company started its operations by manufacturing distinctive home and  institutional metal furniture.

 Its products were widely distributed locally and throughout the Middle East Region.

In 1962, in response to the increased demand on its products, Maayeh Manufacturing Company built its own manufacturing facility in Ramallah In addition to the successful metal production line wooden furniture was introduced in 1963.

The 6.000 square meter plant area houses a covered production facility, offices and showroom of over 2.500 square meters.

More than 30 select and highly qualified craftsmen and management staff operate the plant.

In the mid 1990’s MMC was reorganized as Private Company with Limited Shareholders, namely the heirs of the founders.

Today, and after extensive improvements to its manufacturing facility, started in the mid 1990’s MMC produces office, school, and institutional metal and wooden furniture using state-of-the-art designs and material.

Currently MMC undertakes turn-key projects for producing large scale projects serving customers ranging from kindergartens, schools, universities, ministries, office buildings, religious and public establishments, restaurants, and financial institutions.